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Program (tentative) is now available

2019/03/18 6:21 に Tsuyohito Ito が投稿   [ 2019/03/18 6:22 に更新しました ]

The pdf file of the tentative program is downloadable from Program.

Early registration deadline is extended.

2019/02/21 4:15 に Tsuyohito Ito が投稿

Now the deadline is March 8 17:00.

Abstract submission deadline is extended

2019/01/31 13:00 に Tsuyohito Ito が投稿

The deadline is now Feb 14.

Abstract submission

2018/12/20 22:37 に Tsuyohito Ito が投稿

The submission site is now open.

Abstract template

2018/11/24 17:34 に Tsuyohito Ito が投稿


2018/08/16 23:35 に Tsuyohito Ito が投稿

Total >100 rooms (~9000-17000 yen per night) have been reserved for IWM-10. The reservation will be available at the time of registration.

1st Announcement

2018/07/11 23:40 に Tsuyohito Ito が投稿

1st Announcement has been sent. If you are interested in receiving it, please let us know by sending e-mail to [iwm10@plasma.k.u-tokyo.ac.jp].

Website opens

2017/12/21 22:53 に Tsuyohito Ito が投稿   [ 2017/12/21 22:53 に更新しました ]

IWM-10 website is now open.

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