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Abstract submission

The acceptable format of the abstract is a one-page pdf file (max 10 MB). 
Please see the word template (pdf file is also available) (slightly modified on Nov 29, 2018) for further details.

DEADLINE: January 31, 2019 (Japan time)

HOW TO SUBMIT (we ask you to submit via the submission site if possible)
Our preference: Submit your pdf abstract via submission site
The link to the submission site is here.
While you are requested to log-in with your google account, we will contact you only via e-mail address you enter in the form (log-in is required by the system and we will not record your log-in gmail address). 
Submission via gmail account of your colleagues is also possible.

Alternative (only when you have difficulty with the above site): Send by e-mail
Please send your pdf file (max: 10MB) to iwm10@plasma.k.u-tokyo.ac.jp with the following information;
1) E-mail address
2) Name
3) Affiliation
4) Presentation style (leave only one); Invited, Oral, or Poster
(Please note that final program will be decided in committee and your presentation style may differ from your preference.)