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Abstract submission

The acceptable format of the abstract is a one-page pdf file (max 10 MB). 
Please see the word template (pdf file is also available) (slightly modified on Nov 29, 2018) for further details.

(The word template is available also from this link. Please use this link when you cannot use the link above.)

DEADLINE (extended): February 14, 2019 (Japan time). 

HOW TO SUBMIT (we ask you to submit via the submission site if possible)
Our preference: Submit your pdf abstract via submission site
The link to the submission site is here.
While you are requested to log-in with your google account, we will contact you only via e-mail address you enter in the form (log-in is required by the system and we will not record your log-in gmail address). 
Submission via gmail account of your colleagues is also possible.

Alternative (only when you have difficulty with the above site): Send by e-mail
Please send your pdf file (max: 10MB) to iwm10@plasma.k.u-tokyo.ac.jp with the following information;
1) E-mail address
2) Name
3) Affiliation
4) Presentation style (leave only one); Invited, Oral, or Poster
(Please note that final program will be decided in committee and your presentation style may differ from your preference.)